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Upon learning that Julius Caesar was in Egypt pursuing his enemy Pompey, she secretly traveled from Syria to launch a Machiavellian plan that she believed would return her to power. At this moment is when one of the most memorable encounters in history takes place, since she appeared before him rolled up in a carpet to enter the palace without being recognized, with the sole purpose of winning his sympathies and saving his life by recovering the once the throne of Egypt. Julius Caesar fell in love with the charms of Cleopatra, who was not only a beautiful and sensual woman but was also a very cultured woman, knowledgeable in nine languages, interested in astronomy and a lover of the books that filled the Library of Alexandria .

The story goes that Cleopatra achieved her goals and that, after spending the night together, Caesar risked everything to embark on a Civil War in Egypt and raise Cleopatra to the throne as an independent queen. Of course, he could not share with her the splendor of the kingdom, since his action was disapproved in Rome and there the very Senate that swore to protect him ended his life.

It was really Marco Antonio who conquered the heart of the most powerful woman of the time. This handsome Roman military and politician from the final period of the Republic lived a dissolute youth, due to the lack of paternal authority, until he entered the service of his uncle Julius Caesar. It helped him to prevail over the Roman oligarchy during the Gallic Wars and the Civil War. After the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC. C., Cleopatra, who had had a son of his during his stay with him in Rome, saw her life in danger and had no choice but to return to Egypt to devise a new maneuver that would help her maintain her power.

The opportunity to use her woman weapons again came sooner than expected. Marco Antonio, who at that time was fighting with Octavian Augustus for power in the region, had won in the battle of Philippi, but he was not very satisfied with the behavior of the Queen of Egypt. With the idea of ​​reproaching him for not having acted as a faithful ally, Marco Antonio summoned Cleopatra to come see him and humble herself before him, apologizing for his wrongdoing. Cleopatra, cunning and intelligent like the most, decides to go to the appointment but with a different intention: to repeat her seduction maneuver with Marco Antonio. L

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