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All the constitutional supporters of Fiorentina argue that the practice is a bit outdated, but basically correct and functional to the smooth running of parliamentary democracy.

Verdini to carry over – If all the democratic procedures described above do not work, all that remains is the last resort: to rely on Denis Verdini. Starting early in the morning, across the fields, in the mist, Verdini will bring home some senators willing to vote with the majority at sunset. It is a parliamentary practice halfway between evangelization, hypnosis and pheasant hunting. All constitutionalists with slides agree: it works.

The impressive roller coaster of the stock exchanges, yesterday minus seventy-two, today plus twelve, decisive rebound, billions burned, Scottish shower, etc. etc. (filled as desired), throws everyone into a state of profound uncertainty. Many believe that this will not affect people’s daily lives, but they are wrong. We asked the major rating agencies for a vote on some of the main Italian assets, and here is the result.

Italian banker – This highly contrasted title does not seem to offer adequate guarantees. The Italian banker spends half of his time telling the newspapers that everything is fine and the other half in the recovery room after seeing the prices of his institution. If you have this security in your portfolio, sell immediately or buckle it to some inexperienced, perhaps blind, bondholder. Rating: BB–

Italian banker from Tuscany – For a very strange psychogeographic distortion, the banks located within a radius of fifty kilometers from Rignano sull’Arno, mysteriously, are fine. Someone says that the phenomenon is due to gravitational waves, while others say that Undersecretary Lotti is involved. The investor evaluates carefully, but the advice is to buy. Rating: AAA +++

Widow with survivor’s pension – Title swooping these days. Even if the government denies, Minister Poletti denies, everyone denies, it is not so difficult for the Italians to see a huge Padulus bird called “r a z i on a l i zz a z i o ne” flying on the horizon. The illustrative brochure says there will be no cut, don’t worry. A bit like what happened to Health: the cut is not there – and shame on those who say it – but in the meantime, look a bit, you pay for the analyzes. Very risky title even in the long term, sell immediately Judgment B—

Italian researcher – Very interesting title, because it is very lively on many markets. For example, he is strong in Holland, Germany, Great Britain, while in Italy you can observe him in universities, engaged in arguing over two pencils and a microscope. To become king of the list, these titles must pass dozens of hard tests: emigrate, work abroad, obtain prizes, awards, funding from international institutions, up to the pat on the back of Minister Giannini, proud of not having financed them. Advice: buy but do not re-enter the Italian market where they would end up slaughtering for two meal vouchers. AA + rating

Cassintegrato – Here is a somewhat risky investment, which we recommend balancing in your portfolio, but above all, beware of the prices! According to the promoter’s slides, the hours of layoffs are almost halved, while according to the most attentive observers only the provinces that provide the data have halved, so the value of the title is not clear, and the redundancies are many more than say it officially. This security is not recommended for long-term investments. BB rating–

18 year old Italian – Dynamic and interesting investment, collects a dividend of 500 euros as a birthday present. Title suitable for short-term speculation, because already at nineteen it will be suspended for excess of a decrease. Rating: AA ++

Minister – Until recently, a solid and certainly real title, it is slowly losing appeal, but remains among the best assets.