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One of the most remembered by fans was the 1990 Pre-Libertadores League, an instance in which the Conce qualified for its first international event: the 1991 Copa Libertadores.

But qualifying was not easy, since in the tournament that was played entirely at the National Stadium in Santiago, Concepción debuted with a 4-0 loss to Universidad Católica. However, the León de Collao showed strength, claw and heart and in the following matches they beat O’Higgins 3-0 and Unión Española 2-0, obtaining first place in the mini tournament where lions like Juan Carlos Almada roared. , Nicolás Villamil, Miguel Ardiman, Carlos Fuentes, among others.

This Sunday we cannot fail in the gallery and we must cheer on the Lions in the last challenge of 2019.

We congratulate Cristóbal Muñoz and Óscar del Pozo, players from the Conce handball branch who will be part of the U-14 National Handball Team in the South American team in Paraguay, which will take place between November 5 and 14.

Last Tuesday the fixture of the Promotion League was defined in a meeting held at the ANFA headquarters in the Metropolitan Region.

The León de Collao will start playing as local against Provincial Ovalle on Sunday, November 10 at 12:00.

Deportes Concepción roared at home and achieved an important victory for the minimum account against Deportes Linares, keeping the lilac team with options to fight for the Third A championship.

The León de Collao got up after last week’s hard fall against Deportes Rengo and celebrated with 7,983 people at the Ester Roa Rebolledo.

Concepción went out looking for the win from the first minute and showed a solid game in all its lines, being superior in several passages of the meeting before the leader of the tournament.

In the first half, the lilac team generated options through Cristofer Salas, but he did not manage to unbalance the score, in addition, Linares also had dangerous arrivals, but without the effectiveness of other meetings.

The game marked by the friction caused Felipe Albornoz to leave due to injury in the 34th minute and generated the entry of Matt Lagos.

In the second half came the joy for Conce and after a great play and center by Matías Lagos, midfielder Matt Lagos defined in the area and opened the scoring for Concepción in the 51st minute.

In the subsequent minutes the game was even with dangerous arrivals in both porticoes. The clearest option was in the 74th minute after a shot by Daniel Benavente that goalkeeper Pérez avoided with a notable stretch. TO

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