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Upon learning that Julius Caesar was in Egypt pursuing his enemy Pompey, she secretly traveled from Syria to launch a Machiavellian plan that she believed would return her to power. At this moment is when one of the most memorable encounters in history takes place, since she appeared before him rolled up in a carpet to enter the palace without being recognized, with the sole purpose of winning his sympathies and saving his life by recovering the once the throne of Egypt. Julius Caesar fell in love with the charms of Cleopatra, who was not only a beautiful and sensual woman but was also a very cultured woman, knowledgeable in nine languages, interested in astronomy and a lover of the books that filled the Library of Alexandria .

The story goes that Cleopatra achieved her goals and that, after spending the night together, Caesar risked everything to embark on a Civil War in Egypt and raise Cleopatra to the throne as an independent queen. Of course, he could not share with her the splendor of the kingdom, since his action was disapproved in Rome and there the very Senate that swore to protect him ended his life.

It was really Marco Antonio who conquered the heart of the most powerful woman of the time. This handsome Roman military and politician from the final period of the Republic lived a dissolute youth, due to the lack of paternal authority, until he entered the service of his uncle Julius Caesar. It helped him to prevail over the Roman oligarchy during the Gallic Wars and the Civil War. After the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC. C., Cleopatra, who had had a son of his during his stay with him in Rome, saw her life in danger and had no choice but to return to Egypt to devise a new maneuver that would help her maintain her power.

The opportunity to use her woman weapons again came sooner than expected. Marco Antonio, who at that time was fighting with Octavian Augustus for power in the region, had won in the battle of Philippi, but he was not very satisfied with the behavior of the Queen of Egypt. With the idea of ​​reproaching him for not having acted as a faithful ally, Marco Antonio summoned Cleopatra to come see him and humble herself before him, apologizing for his wrongdoing. Cleopatra, cunning and intelligent like the most, decides to go to the appointment but with a different intention: to repeat her seduction maneuver with Marco Antonio. L

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One of the most remembered by fans was the 1990 Pre-Libertadores League, an instance in which the Conce qualified for its first international event: the 1991 Copa Libertadores.

But qualifying was not easy, since in the tournament that was played entirely at the National Stadium in Santiago, Concepción debuted with a 4-0 loss to Universidad Católica. However, the León de Collao showed strength, claw and heart and in the following matches they beat O’Higgins 3-0 and Unión Española 2-0, obtaining first place in the mini tournament where lions like Juan Carlos Almada roared. , Nicolás Villamil, Miguel Ardiman, Carlos Fuentes, among others.

This Sunday we cannot fail in the gallery and we must cheer on the Lions in the last challenge of 2019.

We congratulate Cristóbal Muñoz and Óscar del Pozo, players from the Conce handball branch who will be part of the U-14 National Handball Team in the South American team in Paraguay, which will take place between November 5 and 14.

Last Tuesday the fixture of the Promotion League was defined in a meeting held at the ANFA headquarters in the Metropolitan Region.

The León de Collao will start playing as local against Provincial Ovalle on Sunday, November 10 at 12:00.

Deportes Concepción roared at home and achieved an important victory for the minimum account against Deportes Linares, keeping the lilac team with options to fight for the Third A championship.

The León de Collao got up after last week’s hard fall against Deportes Rengo and celebrated with 7,983 people at the Ester Roa Rebolledo.

Concepción went out looking for the win from the first minute and showed a solid game in all its lines, being superior in several passages of the meeting before the leader of the tournament.

In the first half, the lilac team generated options through Cristofer Salas, but he did not manage to unbalance the score, in addition, Linares also had dangerous arrivals, but without the effectiveness of other meetings.

The game marked by the friction caused Felipe Albornoz to leave due to injury in the 34th minute and generated the entry of Matt Lagos.

In the second half came the joy for Conce and after a great play and center by Matías Lagos, midfielder Matt Lagos defined in the area and opened the scoring for Concepción in the 51st minute.

In the subsequent minutes the game was even with dangerous arrivals in both porticoes. The clearest option was in the 74th minute after a shot by Daniel Benavente that goalkeeper Pérez avoided with a notable stretch. TO

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The hesitation ends when one of the two begins to cry. Thus, we have that frames are not only made up of space-time references, but also of all those experiences and information that allow us to order events according to the inside / outside distinction.

In fact, frames help to define not only the type of social situation in the particular, but the situation as a social situation in general. In order to carry out this general definition of the situation we make use of what Goffman calls “primary frames”. Primary frames are of two types: natural and social. Through natural frames we order those events whose cause cannot be attributed to any human agency. These frames thus allow the identification of phenomena as “natural phenomena”. For its part, the use of social frameworks implies resorting to the identification of the agency as the cause of the events. The use of primary frames allows us to differentiate the social from the non-social. When we are in the football stadium watching a game and, suddenly, it starts to rain, we can clearly differentiate that while the plays depend on human will and intelligence, the raindrops that wet us are not attributable to will or intelligence .

It is clear that the use of primary frames has varied throughout history and that, even today, the criteria for framing events are not univocal. The human being, for example, was not always the agency’s most important attribution unit. An event that today is framed without any difficulty with the help of natural frames could in the past be attributed to divine will or intelligence. An earthquake, for example, was not seen as a mere natural phenomenon, but as a “divine punishment.” Obviously, this type of attribution has not disappeared. Even today a fan who is in the stadium can attribute to transcendent forces the rain that makes the game difficult. At present, however, this type of framing must compete with the framing of science itself. Although God as a unit of attribution has not disappeared, neither can it be said that the mythical-religious frameworks are as generalized as in the past. On the contrary, the development of science has made us more and more aware of the way we have modified nature through our actions. Today many events that a few years ago would have been identified as merely natural are seen as the result of human actions.

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Huge kiss.

They abound. I have one who loves me when I say no. She calls me, she texts me, she cries, she says that for the first time she has fallen in love, she wants to marry me and she almost put me in an apartment in Marbella. That if, when I give in, I begin to respond to her messages, to her “feelings” … she always has the mobile in silence. Never take a call! He introduces me to his parents, but if I say “let’s go to dinner,” either it’s too late, or he’s busy, or he has something to do. Come on, a full-blown WTF. Now I have it silenced, and I think it has disappeared forever (the worst, that we have not said any, is that deep down it hurts when they leave), but there is always hope that it will reappear. I think that when I return I will send you the link to this article. Cheer up girls!

I have read you for a long time and I love you, I feel very identified with what you write. I am already around forty but I think I beat you all, because I have been dizzy and dizzy for nineteen years with the same person! That is not why I have ceased to have life, I am a mother, etc. But it’s a never ending story In fact, I am planning a getaway for this weekend and letting myself go, although with a dizzy, you never know, you can cancel everything at the last minute? Mine is fireworks.

Ayy… I couldn’t laugh more with your post !!! Everything that is funny is true !!

What is more surprising is that there is some dizzy out there who has even more grandmothers, canaries and even a circus as she thinks she is (because I don’t believe anything) and she NEVER fucks !! Take special care with this variety, warning !!!

For years she has clearly taken it up the ass and I find myself waiting for someone to dare to study the case …

My dizzy came back a week ago. I wanted to have a kiki (now …), hahaha. So I told him to go dizzy to another at 2 in the morning, that I was very agustito in my bed sleeping. And disappeared!!! For my mental integrity and for all that I have advanced with my psychologist, I hope he does not appear again, although I would love to meet him and see how great I am … haha. The thing about the 19-year-old girl … It’s not healthy, ask for help if you need it, look at me, in therapy with a psychologist to disengage from this character / psychological abuser … This is not life.