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Öymen Işık University: “Nietzsche’s Scepticism”. Aristotle – Descartes – Leibniz ”,“ Bedingungen der Zukunft. Hauptwerke der Philosophie.

Areas of interest and research: High energy physics, “big bang” theory, CERN experiments, history and philosophy of science. Banks, with S. Pockett, “Models of the Self” J.

With Watson, he is the editor of his books and the author of many articles in his field. Areas of interest and research: Philosophy of Mind and Philosophy of Language. The editor of “The Philosophy of Wine” books, he is the author of many articles in his field. Aliağa- Menderes is no longer transferred.

LYS measures in transportation. İzmir transportation is ready for “choice”. “Endemic” Sapling for Metro Passengers. Izmir metro’s new wagons are coming in autumn. 8 more overpasses were completed on the Aliağa-Menderes line.

The countdown has begun at İzmirspor and Hatay stations. Images from the events. How quickly time passed while waiting for the subway! Celebrating the Year of Service. “Bayram” Time in Public Transportation. Balatçık and Menemen Military parades are closed on Wednesday. Enjoyable Opening Above Karşıyaka Tunnel. Gaziemir District Garage is Completed. Suburban setting for public transport. Tokens are running out in İzmir transportation. The shooting range opens to traffic on Wednesday.

Izmirians, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality took a series of measures in transportation due to the Open Education Faculty exam to be held on April 7 – 8. He is the presenter and editor of the “Mysteries of the Brain” program broadcast on the BBC. He started his secondary education in the city of Linz. 14 transfer centers are established for Aliağa-Menderes Within the scope of the project completed in partnership with the Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD on Monday, July 12, transfer centers were established at 14 stations together with the landscaping of the stations on the 80-kilometer line. In this context, after the presentation of the speaker, which lasts about 40 minutes, we allocate about half an hour to questions and answers, comments on the conversation, and mutual exchange of ideas. Ennead II 5. November The tram business operating on Karşıyaka and Konak lines in İzmir has gained an important place in the city life in a short time. Meet the Jews in concentration camps on September 9, 2020. Konak Tram line is supplied with electricity. Wednesday, January 24, in Konak Tramway, which is being built by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, the catenary wires on the line are energized. Class lecture registrations closing all class course registrations Izmir Metro, proving the quality of service, is shown abroad on September 9, 2020 with its successful management model. Adults used to teach games, we used to play together. The scope of Transportation Cards is expanding.

Izmirians loved this train very much. Izmirians liked their new trains very much. Transportation is 50 percent off during the holiday. It’s Time for the Tram. 14 transfer centers are established for Aliağa-Menderes. The top of Karşıyaka Tunnel will be “heaven”.

Special brochure for the new traffic scheme. New Era in Public Transport. They made stones for master lenses. Tango and Salsa. Rhythm Ensemble Encouraged. Metro Forest Visited. Folklore Show and Guitar Performance. Instrument Making Workshop at Konak Station. Celebrating Our Age. Çiğli and Şemikler level crossings were closed. Olive Grove Level Crossing Closed to Traffic.

Trains Trial Time. We Protect the Benefits of the General. Our Righteousness Has Been Registered, We Are Happy. Last Two Stations in Aliağa-Mendereste. Here are the New Trains of Izmir.

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